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The stories are true. A dark, ancient artifact is hidden at Firenze Academy. Leave it to the most dangerous and dark wizards of this age to go on a treasure hunt for it. Meanwhile, there's a group of older students hell bent on chaos and destruction at the wizarding school.
dec 2016

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Giovanna Nero
 Posted: Apr 5 2016, 08:03 PM

Giovanna Nero

Professor! ✰ 36 ✰ Pureblood

nickname: gio
species: witch
gender: female
sexuality: hetero
job: dada prof
No one's gonna take me alive The time has come to make things right You and I must fight for our rights You and I must fight to survive
written by eliza



No stealing, heavy 'inspiration' or toxic behaviour will be tolerated on the site. We want this place to be friendly and only drama of the in character kind. If you have a problem with someone, we would suggest you confront them personally and privately or roleplay with others instead.


Only one account per character. We will not be having OOC accounts. If you registered your name wrongly (not in proper capitalization or changed your mind about the first name and haven't applied yet, etc.), just PM a staff member and they can change it for you.

Please note that even though we aren't doing OOC accounts, we have enabled sub-accounts. So you can connect all your others to your main roleplaying account.

If you register and don't post an application for one month, your account will be deleted. There will be exceptions if you popping in to say you're still working on the application, etc., though. We won't be consistently checking this every day, so it's possible accounts may stay longer than this sometimes.


We don't have a character limit at this time. But if you are making more than three (3), we do require that you have roleplayed with the others at least once before making some more. After all, we are here to roleplay, not just make applications.

We aim to not have bans, but it may happen unfortunately. It would be highly specific, like if we get 12 seventh year Lethifolds and have only 1 or 2 seventh years in other Houses. Then we wouldn't allow seventh year Lethifolds for a while. Please note that we would only do a ban if it's really askew (like 90% to 10%).


You may post a work in progress application, but if it's not completed within fourteen (14) days, it'll be archived. Just PM a staff member to get it moved back so you can keep working on it.


Graphics must be appropriate in nature (no nudity). You must only use graphics of the play-by you have claimed (aka not one someone else has claimed). Avatars must be 200x300. Signature area may be up to 600x300 (including everything - coding, graphics, etc.). If you need any graphics, feel free to post in the Graphics & Templates board!
Please note that graphics are totally optional, though the hovering on the mini-profile will only work if you do have an avatar.


All posts must be in third person and past tense. It makes it easier to read when it's consistent throughout the threads (exception: writing a journal, letter, etc.).

No god-modding (controlling others' characters without their permission) or powerplaying (your character being more powerful or knowledgeable than they should be. Most commonly, know that just because you read something in a thread doesn't mean your character knows it too).

Creativity is awesome, but try to keep it realistic too. Second years won't be performing spells seventh years have trouble with. If you have any questions about a plot or post you're not sure if it's realistic, just ask!


We are PG-13 (though open to going premium if anyone wants to help with that!). This means that all content in the posts must be PG-13. No excessive swearing (some is allowed) or adult themes (aka no smut or extreme gore).


We do not have a word count. However, we do require high quality writing. What does this mean? It means that we want to see proper sentence structure (can we read it and know what you mean?). We understand typos happen from time to time, but generally proper spelling, whether it's American, Canadian or British, helps your posts be understood as well. We also want to see characters that aren't flat. How can you help this? Giving them many aspects to themselves. Different layers of likes, dislikes, quirks, habits, mannerisms, etc. will help them become more fleshed out. Also, by roleplaying and giving them more life experiences will help them develop and grow as well. We don't want to see exact duplicates of a character from another fandom and your character will be denied if it's clear that's what they're for.


We don't want to restrict you and ban you from using templates from resource forums. However, we would prefer you don't use templates that use a hover in order to see the bulk of the post. It's easier for those viewing on mobile to view the content without having to hover to see any of it.

We may make optional templates for you to use here if you want, so you don't have to go and find them. If this is something you'd like, just let us know.

Please note that using a template is not required at all. You can simply post your roleplaying threads with no extra coding at all.


We will be having Activity Checks from time to time (probably once every 3 months). But don't worry, it's pretty lax. You'll just have to post one in character post per character from the past month to keep them and the Activity Check will last a couple of weeks, so you shouldn't miss it. If you have an absence notice up, you won't be completely exempt, but we will save 4 of your most active characters for you. If you are going away for a while and want to specify who you would like to keep if we have an Activity Check within that time, just put that in your Absence notice.

Please note that if you are deleted from an Activity Check, all your content will be archived. This is only viewable by members, but if you want us to remove it from the site entirely, just post in the Questions board or PM a staff member (you can also PM me on Shadowplay).


More rules may be added as situations arise. But know that we generally do rules in the way of once it's set in motion, it affects all future things. So say if we add a character limit rule, people with more than that limit wouldn't have to delete any characters, of course. That wouldn't be fair at all.

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