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The stories are true. A dark, ancient artifact is hidden at Firenze Academy. Leave it to the most dangerous and dark wizards of this age to go on a treasure hunt for it. Meanwhile, there's a group of older students hell bent on chaos and destruction at the wizarding school.
dec 2016

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 The things I do to myself., Elizabeth Beaucage
Iago Crivelli
 Posted: Jul 19 2016, 12:32 PM

Iago Crivelli

Professor ! ✰ 37 ✰ Pureblood

nickname: Iago
species: wizard
gender: male
sexuality: Hetero
job: Charms Professor
difficile est saturam non scribere
written by Noelle

((This thread is set in August 2016))

One more month before he was going to teach at Firenze Academy for the first time in his life. Iago still wondered what had possessed him to grow bored of his fascinating life of bloodshed and murder in favor of dealing with hormonal adolescents. So Gio was teaching there, and he was slowly favoring intellectual and respectable things over simply being brutal and wild, but still. It was still strange, especially for someone like him. Either way, he wasn't going to change his mind and was rather set upon this next course of action despite his misgivings.

He might as well enjoy his free time before he'd have to isolate himself completely at the school. He'd just come to the Crivelli family mansion back from dining with a friend at some fancy restaurant for dinner. As Iago was about to pass by the sitting room, he stopped when he saw a young, unfamiliar ginger female there. She was rather pretty, but too young for his taste since she looked to be around Vicenzo's age.

And speaking of his nephew, Vicenzo was already in there trying to flirt with her. Though whether or not it was going successfully wasn't for him to decide. Iago raised his eyebrows. "Girlfriend?" he asked, unsurprised if that was the case.

Vicenzo shook his head. "No, bounty hunter. Ever since you've bailed out on my father he's had to hire others to do the work for him," he said, somewhat snidely. He disapproved of his uncle leaving his cool job as a hitman for being a professor, a job he found drab in comparison.

Iago ignored his nephew and looked directly at the girl. She looked very young, but at her age he'd already begun his work. "'re my new replacement," he observed. He shrugged and smirked slightly. "It was only a matter of time. Enrico is always dependent on others, as usual." A statement which earned him a glare for his nephew.

He wasn't sure to think. A small stab of envy and disdain pierced through him, but he knew he hadn't the right to feel that way. Vicenzo was right. He had bailed out on his brother, so of course he would need to hire someone else. And Enrico only hired the best, so he couldn't jump to the conclusion that the girl's lack of experienced compared to him would make her less competent. As prior mentioned, he had been young as well when he had started out. This was a very natural order of arrangements, but it would take him some time to feel that he hadn't been usurped since it was very recently when he'd still been the go-to hitman of the family.

@Elizabeth Beaucage
Elizabeth Beaucage
 Posted: Jul 19 2016, 12:52 PM

Elizabeth Beaucage

Adult ✰ 20 ✰ Pureblood

nickname: Lizzy
species: witch
gender: female
sexuality: Lesbian
job: bounty hunter
written by Hayley

A shadow is cast wherever he stands

Stacks of green paper in his red right hand

Lizzy was totally done with the rich families in her life and yet she was persuaded to do a job for the Crivelli branch. She tried not to give a damn and didn’t even bother to dress nicely. She liked her leather and her tight pants way too much. The redhead was invited by the family for a job and so she arrived on time like she was asked to be and soon found herself kept waiting in a living room. She had placed herself on a couch and crossed one leg over the other while playing with one of her many knives.

Lizzy tended to pack herself in style. The redhead licked her lips as she eyed one of the women in this place. The girl had beautiful dark locks and it got Lizzy’s approval. Daniella Crivelli was one cute girl to look at and Lizzy had an amused look on her face as she watched her skip off with her books. So cute. Her green eyes found one of the men and a new one entering just as well. Girlfriend? He wished. Lizzy let out a musical laugh at that and looked at the direction Daniella ran off to.

“Sorry cherie I am more into your sister.” She said with a wink and eyed the other male. “Oi no replacement trust me. I hunt and deliver.” She said with a frown. Lizzy did not kill. The girl had an illegal job to keep her family happy but she didn’t kill anyone. Lizzy could see the tension between the boy and the man and she frowned at it. She did not come here for family issues. She was just here to pick up the contract and get out. Lizzy got up on her feet and held out her hand to the older male of the two.

“Elizabeth Beaucage.” She introduced herself softly and still had her manners after all.

for Iago! <3

I'm back!


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