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The stories are true. A dark, ancient artifact is hidden at Firenze Academy. Leave it to the most dangerous and dark wizards of this age to go on a treasure hunt for it. Meanwhile, there's a group of older students hell bent on chaos and destruction at the wizarding school.
dec 2016

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 Areum Seong, lethifold | 16 | jung eun-ji
areum seong
 Posted: Aug 3 2016, 11:00 PM

areum seong

Lethifold ✰ 16 ✰ Half-Blood

nickname: Aru
species: witch
gender: female
sexuality: Bisexual
job: Student
A volte un bel viso in grado di coprire le intenzioni più oscure.
written by Ana

aerum hye seoung ✰

ana / gmt-6


BLOOD: Pureblood.
AGE: 16.
YEAR: Sixth.
HOUSE: Lethifold.
HOMETOWN: Seoul, South Korea.


THREE TRAITS YOU THINK YOU ARE: Cunning, Smart, Resourceful.



MOTHER: Aika Pak (née Himura) | 50 years | Auror | Mahoutokoro alumna | They don't have a good relationship because her mother cheated on her father, she hasn't seen her since her fifth birthday, but they have spoken through letters, basically her mother apologising and Areum insulting her.

FATHER: Eun Seoung | 52 years | Hit Wizard | Mahoutokoro alumnus | He has always been there for Areum, she has always been his little princess, and she always will, she's his youngest daughter, and they have a good relationship.

STEP-FATHER: Akio Pak | 51 years | Editor | Mahoutokoro alumnus | She hates him deeply, she thinks of him as the stupid mudblood that took her mother away from her, he provoked Areum's obsession for blood purity.

STEP-MOTHER: Paulina Coletti | 48 years | Writer | Firenze alumna | They are a little it close, they share the same ideals, they respect each other, they like each other, their relationship could get better, but they like it simple.

STEP-BROTHERS: Daisuke Pak and Mario Coletti | 25 and 16 years | Auror and Student | Mahoutokoro alumnus and Firenze student | Daisuke and Areum don't know each other, her mother basically adopted him when she married his step-father, if they ever got to knew each other it wouldn't be nice. Meanwhile, Mario and Areum have a love-hate relationship, they care about each other and bother the other, their relationship isn't perfect, they have their fights, but after all, they're family.

STEP-SISTERS: Donna and Sienna Coletti | 15 and 11 years | Students | Firenze students | Areum hates Donna, they are constantly fighting for things, Donna is a hipocrite to Areum. Sienna on the other side looks up to Areum, and Areum treats Sienna like her little sister.

BROTHERS: Kyung Seong and Bora Seoung | 23 and 14 years | Waiter and Student | Mahoutokoro alumnus, Firenze student | Kyung and Areum are very close, he is after all the typical protective older brother. Bora is her little brother, she would do anything for him, they are practically best friends.

SISTERS: Myung and Nari Seoung | 21 and 18 years | Journalist and Trainee Healer | Firenze alumni | Myung is too girly for Areum, they don't like each other that much, Myung is all Areum wants to avoid being in life, but Nari is her role model, she's focused on her job, and is actually succeding.


MAY 27th, 2000 - Areum was given birth at 20:35.

JULY 18th, 2000 - Areum's older brother Kyung shows his first sign of magic, exploding a vase in a tantrum.

JUNE 16th, 2002 - Areum's younger brother Bora was born at 13:42.

DECEMBER 7th, 2003 - Areum's older sister Myung shows her first sign of magic, changing the color of the walls on their living room.

SEPTEMBER FIRST 2004 - Kyung enters to Mahoutokoro.

APRIL 11th, 2005 - Areum's older sister Nari shows her first sign of magic, making a flowers grow on their couch.

AUGUST 5th 2006 - Areum's parents divorce due to her mother's cheating.

SEPTEMBER FIRST 2006 - Myung enters to Firenze and is sorted into Occamy.

OCTOBER 9th 2006 - Areum and her family move to Italy.

JANUARY 9th, 2007 - Areum's mother marries Akio Pak.

NOVEMBER 13th 2008 - Areum shows her first sign of magic, making a muggle kid fall and levitate in front of her house.

SEPTEMBER FIRST 2009 - Nari enters to Firenze and is sorted into Ashwinder.

FEBRUARY 17th 2010 - Bora shows his first sign of magic, making a cat inflate and fly.

SEPTEMBER FIRST 2011 - Areum and Mario enter to Firenze and they are sorted into Lethifold and Asheinder respectively.

MAY 9th 2012 - Areum's father marries Paulina Coletti, a pureblood witch.

SEPTEMBER FIRST 2012 - Donna enters to Firenze and is sorted into Kneazle.

SEPTEMBER FIRST 2013 - Bora enters to Firenze and is sorted into Ashwinder.

JANUARY 15th 2014 - Areum has a fight with a half-blood Occamy and she tortures her.

SEPTEMBER FIRST 2016 - Sienna enters to Firenze and is sorted into Lethifold.


Areum couldn't believe it, how did she dared to appear again in her life?, she had no right, after all, her mother did abbandoned her and her siblings. She stood on the front door, speechless, her eyes wide open with shock and hatred, she hadn't seen her mother in almost ten years, and yet there she was, almost looking exactly the same in her memories, her brown eyes looking tired and aged, experienced, and her dark hair showing some greyish streaks, wrinkles around her face and her hands, she was aging, and still, Areum coulndn't get the loving gaze she was directing towards her, she knew her mother had a heart of stone, she was a blood traitor for cheating on her father with a stupid mudblood, and Areum was not gonna let her inside the house because of that same fact.

"What are you doing here?" asked Areum with a hateful glare directed to her 'mother', her tiny hands holding strongly the door, ready to close it in the woman's face at any second, her knockles were turning white from the pressure, meanwhile the woman looked at Areum, apologising with her eyes and searching for forgiveness, holding her hands in front of her, nervously twitching the ring in her hand, her new wedding ring.

"I'm sorry Areum, is your father here?" the woman answered, looking behind the child and into the house, searching for her father, but the children closed the door a few more inches, growing impatient, but still holding the same glare that she started a few seconds ago, not merming her feelings towars the woman, who then returned to look to her daughter, regret filling her eyes and a smile appearing on her face "Look at you, you're so beau-" she had extended her hand to caress the cheek of the girl, who backed away with an expression of disgust and hate.

"Don't you dare touch me!" Areum screamed, disgusted and angry at her mother's gesture, "You don't have the right to touch me filthy blood traitor!, you don't have the right to do anything here!" she screamed angrily, fastly moving her hand to close the door, but her mother was fast too, placing one of her hands on the space between the door and the frame, trying to keep the door open for her to talk with her daughter.

"What is going on here?!" asked her step-mother, appearing behind Areum and opening the door with a flick of her wand, she had a worried expression when she looked at the kid, and then her gaze was directed to the woman on the door frame, who now wore a surprised expression, they were both shocked to see the other in their places, and finally Paulina was brave to talk, her face morfing into disgust, hate and superiority "What do you think you are doing in my house Aika?, what gives you the right?"

Aika looked at Paulina with shock, betrayal, almost sadness filling her eyes, it was clear that she hadn't expected to see the writer there, in the place that was supposed to be hers, she was expecting Areum's father, she was going to apologise, he was going to accept the apology, they would be in good terms, and she would get to see her sons and daughters on a regular basis, but that was clearly not the case.

"Answer me!" screamed the writer angrily, grabbing Areum's arm and soflty yanking her to be behind her, protecting her from her mother, a woman she never wanted to see again in her life.

Finally, Aika went out of the shock, her expression becoming angry and hateful towards the woman "What am i doing here?!, what do you think Paulina?! I'm here to see my sons!" the auror screamed back, moving her hands to point to her daughter, who now hided behind Paulina, still having a hateful glare towards her mother.

The younger woman laughed, clearly amazed by Aika's statement, and the she answered with a superior smile "Are you that naïve Aika?, They clearly don't want to see the blood traitor who abbandoned them!" Paulina screamed, pointing to Areum and then throwing a sideways smile to Aika, enojying the moment they were having and the frustration of the japanese women "Why don't you retorn to Japan?, i heard the mudblood's been missing you" Aika was again shocked, how did she knew?.

Fear dominated now Aika's expression, oh no, the woman disappeared from the Coletti's household, fearing for her husband's life, and again, not caring for her children. She disppeared again from Areum's life, and this time, it would be the last time Areum was gonna let her walk away, at least, not withouth punishment.

Little did she knew, she had already recieved one.

Theodore Lupin
 Posted: Aug 9 2016, 07:03 PM

Theodore Lupin

Adult ! ✰ 18 ✰ Half-Blood

nickname: Teddy
species: wizard
gender: male
sexuality: heterosexual
job: unemployed
Can you help me be a man?
written by Meepers


Welcome to Firenze Academy! Make sure to do any necessary claims and then you can get started roleplaying. Have fun here with us! <3

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