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The stories are true. A dark, ancient artifact is hidden at Firenze Academy. Leave it to the most dangerous and dark wizards of this age to go on a treasure hunt for it. Meanwhile, there's a group of older students hell bent on chaos and destruction at the wizarding school.
dec 2016

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 runnin' from the truth, Aria/Gemma/Jami
Theodore Lupin
 Posted: Jun 19 2016, 06:00 PM

Theodore Lupin

Adult ! ✰ 18 ✰ Half-Blood

nickname: Teddy
species: wizard
gender: male
sexuality: heterosexual
job: unemployed
Can you help me be a man?
written by Meepers

user posted image
It was hard to believe that this had happened to him. Rooms being double booked happens, he knew that, but he never expected it to happen to him on his journey around the globe. ut here he was, with his hiking pack (which may have illegally been charmed to hold more items than it should be able to) upon his back as he searched for a place to call home for t least one night. He didn't care about petty little things such as "does this place have bed bugs", all he wanted was four walls, a roof, and protection from the elements.

It was then that he saw a little pub by the name of Il Santuario. There were no signs advertising that the little pub had rooms to let for travellers, but Teddy was running on instinct. He knew that most pubs in England had rooms, and to be honest he was getting a it desperate. After all, the only thing he didn't think of bringing with him was a tent.

He pshed the door open, a little bell ringing as he did so, announcing to all within that another punter had entered. To be honest the place seemed a bit quiet, but Teddy hoped that it was a good thing. If it were quiet it meant that he had a better chance at finding a room... right? He moved towards the bar, his hair black and eyes blue, where a young lady stood, hoping and praying that she knew English as he didn't know much if any italian.

"Excuse me... do you have any rooms that I can stay in?"
@Gemma Acerbi
(she can be the lady he's talking to, or whatever, also up to you whether there's rooms at the place or not, she could easily be all "I dont have a room here but you can stay at mine" or something. Just yeah... its all up to you... oh! He's wearing a tightish fitting v-neck t-shirt, blue jeans, and white Addidas shoes with three black stripes on the side.)
Gemma Acerbi
 Posted: Jun 19 2016, 08:31 PM

Gemma Acerbi

Adult ✰ 20 ✰ Pureblood

nickname: Aria
species: witch
gender: female
sexuality: Bisexual
job: bartender
written by Jami

Gemma never liked having to work at her parents pub/inn. Mainly because it always seemed boring, but sometimes she had an interesting night as a bartender. Last night had been one of those nights. She took off after her shift with some people from out of town. Most out of towners were easy to spot. Gemma was coming downstairs from the inn part of the pub (she had crashed there instead of heading home). Her room had been cleaned by her and she was about to head home when she heard someone speaking to the new bartender. She didn't know much and to Gemma she was absolutely clueless. Only a pretty face.

It was confirmed when the bartender looked clueless and pointed towards Gemma. She rolled her eyes and she continued down the stairs. "I apologize, our new bartender is kind of clueless." Gemma looked over at the bartender who gave her in ugly look in return. "My name is Gemma Acerbi, I am the daughter of the owners." she introduced herself and returned to looking at their fine customer. "I am not sure about the rooms, but I am just checking out of mine. I cleaned it and everything if you wanna take it? If not, I can check behind the bar for another room." Even though Gemma despised this place because it meant more to her parents than she did, she was always very professional about things. She didn't want to see the pub go down in flames or anything.

@Theodore Lupin
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