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The stories are true. A dark, ancient artifact is hidden at Firenze Academy. Leave it to the most dangerous and dark wizards of this age to go on a treasure hunt for it. Meanwhile, there's a group of older students hell bent on chaos and destruction at the wizarding school.
dec 2016

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 writing to all my family, Iago <3
Daniella Crivelli
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 01:36 PM

Daniella Crivelli

Professor ✰ 23 ✰ Pureblood

nickname: Dani
species: witch
gender: female
sexuality: straight
job: mythology professor
written by Hayley

A shadow is cast wherever he stands

Stacks of green paper in his red right hand

Daniella liked going out to the towers and take in the sightings but today she was going to send out all the letters she promised to send her brother and parents. Daniella missed her family but she had gotten used to not seeing them every day now it would be strange to see them on a daily basis. The brunette knew pretty well that her parents would not be pleased if she didn’t send them an update on her life. She had her uncle here but he was also a good friend to her and had his own… business here.

Daniella held the letters close to her chest as she walked towards the tower where she could find her owl. She loved the little owl though she cherished her cat more. Usually she would bring the cat everywhere she went but no one would be stupid enough to bring one to the owlery. The young woman coughed as she had caught a cold and walked up the steps smiling when she reached the lovely owls in their tower. Some were flying around because she scared them, some were asleep and others were just not paying attention.

Her owl lowered itself from the tower and sat down in front of her holding up one of his legs. She smiled and put one letter in his beak and the other tied to his leg as she watched him fly off. She sighed with a smile and got up on her feet and almost tumbled over. When she turned around she bumped into someone and squeaked. “ow.. I’m sorry!” she said and was still holding onto the male she bumped into. He was taller than her so definitely not a student thank goodness.

“Oh uncle Iago! Hi!” she said with a bright smile and released him from her grip once she was stable on her feet. She dusted off her clothes and his and smiled still. “I slipped..” she said and chuckled.

for Iago! <3



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